Backyard Home Improvement: Ideas for Every Budget

Are you looking to make improvements to the exterior of your home?

We all know that we are spending so much more time at home these days so why not give your home a little refresh. Whether your budget is large or small, there are many things that you can do to make a huge impact on your homes curb appeal. Not only will these updates bring you satisfaction and a sense of pride, they might also bring you more money when it is time to sell. Here are a few ideas that our team has put together for you!

Landscaping:You can make a huge impact with a few small updates.

1. Assess your current landscaping. You can clean up your existing landscaping with just a little work and almost no cost. Trim hedges, clear out debris and mow the lawn. Fix up your fence by patching and mending any holes or broken boards and add a coat of stain or paint. You will notice an immediate impact.

2. Add new plants to your yard. You can add annuals for a pop of color and shrubs for greenery.

3. Plant some trees. If you’re looking to create privacy or are in need of shade, certain trees will naturally provide this effect. You can create a beautiful outdoor oasis right in your own backyard. Find out which trees are native to your area and will grow to last in your climate.

4. Synthetic Lawn: Are you having a hard time maintaining your lawn? Have you ever thought of installing a synthetic lawn? This isn’t your grandmother’s old astro turf or mini golf greenery. Synthetic lawns have come a long way since then. There are many sophisticated options now that require little to no maintenance. There are even options to help eliminate pet odors outdoors.

Creating Outdoor Rooms:

You can transform your yard into an area that you will use more often. You can have lounge seating to rest, relax and read outdoors. There are couches, chaise lounges, sectionals, love seats, swivel chairs and more. The options are endless. Checkout this link from IKEA for more ideas for every budget.

How about adding an outdoor dining area and bring your entertaining outside. Create a unique space that works for your needs. There are options from an intimate table for two to an expandable table for 12. Eating outside isn’t just for daytime BBQs, dining under the stars can be a fun alternative to eating in front of the TV.

Incorporate outdoor curtains into your design. This will really help define your outdoor space. These curtains are weather resistant and can easily be removed for inclement weather. Look for curtains that are easy to wash and that are specifically made for outdoor use. Here’s a great link from Pottery Barn for reference.

Hang outdoor lights. Everyone knows a good set of patio lights will go a long way with upgrading your outdoor space. Not only do the patio lights add much needed lighting at night, they also make your space feel more fun and complete.

Create an outdoor movie theater. With many movie theaters being closed these days, creating an outdoor movie space in your backyard is a great alternative. There are many portable, inexpensive options for the projector and the screen. There are blow-up screens, canvas screens or you could even use a white sheet. If you have a blank wall or side of your house, you can even project movies directly on the wall.

Add a water feature. Whether you live near a busy road, have noisy neighbors or are just calmed by the sound of running water, an outdoor fountain or water feature is a great addition to any backyard. Not only does a water feature help mute out unwanted noises, it also serves as a special place for the birds to get a drink or take a dip.


1. Install a built in BBQ. If you don’t want to hire someone to build an outdoor kitchen, you can find ready-made and customizable outdoor kitchen sets. Think about the things you will want to use the most while cooking outdoors: inset BBQ, counter space, ice chest or mini fridge and a sink if possible. Check out this link from Home Depot for more ideas.

2. Add a firepit. Whether you want to have a firepit for extra warmth or just for roasting marshmallows outside with the family, this is one feature that will add a lot of flare to your outdoor space. There are many different options when choosing a fire pit. Do you want it to be wood burning or fueled by gas? If gas, do you want to use a propane tank or do you have a gas line that you can connect to? Adding an outdoor fire feature is a fun way to spruce up your yard and creates a fun gather spot for family and friends. Here are a few examples from Wayfair to review.

3. Build a deck: If you enjoy spending time outdoors, building a deck can really enhance your outdoor space. You can build a deck with wooden slats to expand your outdoor living area which can improve your indoor/outdoor flow.

4. Install a backyard patio. A patio space can help define your backyard and can make outdoor gatherings more enjoyable. Concrete paver patios can spruce up the look of your yard and can add value to your home.

5. Build a pergola. A pergola can be a focal point for your yard. It can also add functionality to your outdoor space. A pergola not only provides shade, it also creates an outdoor room.

Update the Exterior of Your House:1. Paint your house. Painting your house is akin to giving your home a major facelift. You might be amazed at how good your house will look with a new coat of paint. Many experts say that you should paint your house every 5-10 years. This is of course dependent on the exterior material of your house, your climate and the quality of your previous paint job. So when was the last time your house was painted?

2. Wash your windows. I know most people joke, “I don’t do windows”, but maybe you should. Whether you hire a professional or take on this job yourself, washing your windows can make your home shine and look a few years newer.

3. Replace the garage door. A new garage door can update the curb appeal of your home. Plus, newer garage doors usually have quitter motors and are safer for your home. A new garage door could also help with insulation issues in extreme climates. Replacing your garage door will help you make a great first impression.

4. Replace your front door. Your front door is typically one of the first things people see when they get to your home. Many of the newer front doors have extra safety precautions built in. This could help with everything from break-ins to fire safety all while adding style. Paint your new front door a fun color for some extra pizazz.

5. Update your outdoor lighting. New outdoor sconces can add instant curb appeal. Not only will new sconces update the look of your home, the lighting can also add as extra security. You can set you your lights to come on with a timer and can even program the lights to come on when you are not at home. Lumens has great options to check out.

Make your plans now! Spring is right around the corner and a new outdoor space will provide lasting enjoyment and a potential increase in the value of your property.